nature mandala reflections & testimonials

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Nature Mandala Art offers a breathtaking view of the natural world and instills a deeper appreciation of the Earth when one realizes each object in the photos comes directly from the land. The designs invoke a style of artistic expression that is deeply personal and inspires you to want to walk in nature and create your own mandala. -Rae C.

What is at the heart of this work for me?

~Reflection by artist Michelle Wallace

I am sometimes unsure how to talk about my art. It feels incredibly personal. I am oftentimes aware how vulnerable I feel that my heart is very much on display. What I didn't expect was others - often complete strangers - would meet me in the space of these images - with such kindness and generosity and open heartedness. It really means so much to me that my 'hearts work' has been meaningful in some way to others.

Each mandala image contains such special plants – flowers, leaves and seeds...  lovingly gathered during a distinct season here in Vermont - from a distant place and time. While walking the gardens, forests and fields (and sometimes neighborhoods and the edges of parking lots too!) -- they are the ones that revealed their beauty, uniqueness, perfection and imperfections- holding my attention - helping me to slow down, be in the moment and experience gratitude … and a sense of connection. They are the ones that inspired a meditation, prayer, intention or aspiration to take the form of a mandala - a circle - a shield - a container - a spiral - a compass containing a pattern of colors, textures, and symmetry.

These images have become the holders of many of my memories -- of where I've been, where I am now, and where I am going. They hold my memories of beauty and wonder --   of distinct moments and phases of life -- of people and places I love -- and of different emotions and experiences on this wild ride called life. 

To know that these images are inspiring a moment of connection and reflection - a moment to pause and remember the beauty that is ever so present  -- truly fills me with gratitude and inspiration to continue creating and sharing.

If you are inspired to create your own mandala - please do send me a picture! I would love to post a picture of it up on my website as the community grows. Click here to email me.

meditative messages

“I just love the little cards with meditative messages. I keep them on my bureau and turn a new one over once a week or so or when needed. So simple but yet so thoughtful.
Thank you.” - Jeanette R.

spreading joy

“Every morning we shuffle the cards and everyone in our rows picks a card to reflect on for the day. It has become a tradition here!! You have spread joy more than you know, and the people look forward to them every day. Even if someone is off, we’ll pick a card & text it to them! Thank you!!” - Carol B.


“Your art has greatly inspired and enriched my visualization in meditation and in just every day.
Truly so amazing imagining you touching each piece and that you lay them perfectly. I am inspired every time I see a leaf, flower or seed, nut, bean! I want to make one with you!
Thank you so much.” - Rochelle B.


“Your work helps to keep me grounded while working. Thank you for creating wonderful mandalas.” - Jennifer B.

connection to nature

“Love your work! I have given several items for gifts to rave review! It is unique and a wonderful connection to nature!” -Julia R.


“Artistic expression and beauty of the Earth are portrayed lovingly in the beautiful designs of Nature Mandala Art. The colors and detail are stunning and invoke peace and inspiration. Absolutely lovely artwork honoring the cycles of nature.” - Rae C.


“I LOVE your art. Your creativity is exquisite. Your use of natural materials is glorious.” -Becky

nature’s beauty

“The colors are amazing, nature’s beauty in art form. Excellent quality product. My piece resides beautifully in our living room.” -Melissa G.

journal work

“I purchased a set of your beautiful Mandala cards for use with our students in … a course where I am Program Director .. I am sure they will be a fine support to our journalling work” -Lauren H.

plant identification

“Your artwork is very smart… I use your designs as mental exercises in plant part identification ....” -Pat K