Nature Mandala Art Sticker Vermont

Nature Mandala Sticker

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Nature Mandala Stickers are offered in two different materials.

Semi-Permanent Stickers

  • 4”x 4” square

  • Great for water bottles, helmets, lap tops, ipads, skateboards, notebooks, etc.

  • Waterproof, Semi-permanent, Dishwasher Safe.

  • Note: Can also be used on cars and windows, but may be more difficult to remove.


Removable Car Decals

  • 5”x 5” square 

  • Just like a bumper sticker!

  • Great on the bumper, door or window of cars and trucks.

  • Safe for car or truck paint.

  • Adheres to curved or flat surfaces

  • 3M™ Controltac™provides safe, long-lasting hold.

  • Weather-resistant and waterproof.

  • Removable with hot water and soap.

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Nature Mandala Art Sticker Vermont